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Reid Racing JK HD High Steer Knuckles

Designed as a heavy-duty stock replacement, they use all of the OEM “outers” including unit bearings, brakes and steering. The primary improvements are the raised steering linkage, dual steering stops, and increased strength.

Since JKs are notorious for twisting their tie rod into a pretzel, we raised the steering arms as high up over the rocks as possible while still allowing stock 17” Rubicon wheels to clear. No longer is the tie rod the lowest hanging part in the front-end - 1.5” of additional clearance puts the tie rod above the axle centerline. Likewise, the drag link is flipped and mounted 3” higher, which corrects the steering geometry for suspension lifts.

Dual steering stops provide additional protection from trail carnage, but rather than the cheesy OEM bolt-type steering stop, ours are cast into the knuckle itself.

We’ve seen JKs break their knuckles right at the lower ball joint mount, so we added as much additional material as possible. As expected with all Reid Racing knuckles, material is strategically placed to keep weight down while maximizing strength. These new knuckles weigh 13.3lbs left (OEM is 11.55lbs) and 15.25lbs right (OEM is 14.3lbs).

  • Uses stock Jeep Wrangler JK factory brake rotors, calipers, stub shafts & u-joints
  • Fits Jeep JK Dana 30, JK Rubicon Dana 44, Mopar, and aftermarket JK axles
  • Aftermarket high strength inner/outter axle shafts, and U-Joints/CV Joints can be used
  • Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Traction Control, and Electronic Stability Control Systems (ESP) remain fully operational
  • Steering linkage is raised as high as possible while retaining clearance for OEM Jeep and most aftermarket wheels
  • The high steer knuckles move the factory tie rod up 1.5" and the drag link up 3"
  • Cast from high strength ductile iron
  • Beefed up with extra material and ribbing
  • Drag link hole is drilled and tapered
  • Tapered tie rod holes accept factory sized tie rod ends (not compatible with factory tie rod)
  • Cast-in DUAL steering stops eliminate bent stop bolts that can cause u-joint and axle failures
  • Powder coated bright orange for corrosion resistance long lasting looks
  • Tie rod holes can be drilled to accept 3/4" heim ends
  • Fully machined and ready for 100% bolt on installation

Track Bar Relocation Bracket, Drag Link Flip Kit and After Market Tie Rod are required

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Reid Racing Jeep JK High Steer Kunckels Driver
Jeep JK High Steering HD Knuckle
Reid Racing Jeep JK Steering Knuckles Driver's Side
Reid Racing Jeep JK High Steer Knuckle Lower Ball Joint Mount Comparison
Reid Racing Jeep JK HD High Steer Knuckle Lower Ball Joint Comparison


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