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Jeep JK Heavy Duty Fender Fasteners

2 Fender Pack - 20 Fasteners $16.95 Shipped

Double your order for only $7

These are nylon body panel retainers that fit the odd sized JK fender mount holes. These are not brittle and prone to breaking as the factory retainer clips are. If you can find them, local auto parts stores sell these for about $2.50 per pair.

These do not work with fenders that have not had the liners removed. Take a look under your fenders to determine how many of these that you will be able to use.

The front fenders use up to 8 fasteners per side. The rear fenders use up to 10 Fasteners per side.


20 Pack $16.95
Two 20 Packs $23.95
Get it FAST $3.95
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1 - 2 days to most of the U.S.A.
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Jeep JK Fender Fasteners

Jeep JK Fender Clips Fasteners

jeep jk fender fasteners

jeep jk fender fasteners